What height of scooter bar should I take?

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What is the height and width of the bar of a stunt scooter that suits me best?

Knowing which bar height and width is best for you is a matter of personal choice and preference. The important thing is to be comfortable on your scooter.

However, we can formulate a general guide to help you see things more clearly.

In general, the width of the bar should be 3-4" (76 - 102mm) wider than your shoulders. The height of the bar should be about waist height and below the navel when standing on your back. A smaller bar will be better for park use while a larger bar will provide more stability and comfort for street use.

Suggested bar height

Rider height
Bar height
Riders 4'2" - 4'6 " (128 - 140cm)
19" - 21" (482 - 533mm)
7 - 9 years old
Riders 4'6 " - 5'1" (140 - 156cm)
21" - 23" (533 - 584mm)
10 - 13 years old
Riders 5'1 " - 5'6" (156 - 171cm)
22" - 26" (560 - 660mm)
12 - 15 years old
Riders over 5.6 ft (171 cm and up)
2 6" and more (660mm)
14 years and over

What are the benefits of smaller bars?
The benefits of the smaller bars are the easier ability to do overhead scooter tricks such as a bri-flip and other tricks.

What are the benefits of taller and wider bars?
The benefits of taller bars are more stability and more comfort. The taller scooter bars also make it easier to control during grinds and manual "manuals" due to the greater leverage.

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