APEX 5" Large Boxed 600mm Deck Raw Chrome

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The 600 mm deck is designed in boxed mode, ie with square, "boxed" ends. This style of deck is suitable for street and technical riders, although the weight of the deck allows riders to enjoy the park as well. These decks come with our uniquely designed 7075 aluminum end caps. It creates a rounded end to create the perfect balance point for street and technical riders. It will also increase strength and accessibility when servicing the deck. Each end cap has been designed with a hex to hold the nut in place, meaning a 6mm Allen key is the only tool needed to tighten the axle. This deck also has an increased width to maximize the grind surface.


Weight 2.9lbs (1320g) without dropouts
3.04bs (1380g) with dropouts
deck length 23.6 inches (600mm)
deck width 5in (127mm)
Angle 82.5°
wheels Compatible with 110mm wheels max


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