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Root Industries - AIR RS V2 Black

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Welcome to the newest addition to the AIR line - the Root Industries AIR RS V2 Complete Scooter.

Sometimes to succeed you have to break the rules - and the new Root Industries AIR RS V2 does just that. Made entirely from premium Root Industries AIR components, this complete scoot beast is the epitome of unboxing and shredding. Aimed more at aspiring unrestricted street riders, as well as any taller rider, the AIR RS V2 features a longer deck, boxed ends and integrated pegs.

The AIR RS V2 also features an all-new AIR V2 Deck - scrutinized, re-engineered and tested by veterans and pro riders to ensure the best possible quality and functionality. Included on every AIR RS V2 complete scooter, this masterfully crafted piece of CNC machined, laser cut aluminum is the centerpiece of the AIR RS V2 construction and the key to fast, smooth progression and ultimate comfort.

Available in a sleek and stealthy black finish.


deck length 22in (559mm)
deck width 5.25in (133mm)
Angle 82.5°
Handlebar height (bar)
28 inches (711mm)
Handlebar width (bar)
24 inches (610mm)
compression type HIC
Wheel diameter 120mmX24mm
Wheels compatible up to 120mm
Bearings included Yes
Type of clamp Double


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