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Root Industries Invictus Afterburner Bars Rocket Fuel

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The Afterburner product line is unlike any bar available on the stunt scooter market today. Blending the classic shine of chrome with a burst of high-octane Rocket Fuel or gorgeous Blu-rays, the colorways in this one-of-a-kind range are sure to blow your mind.

Available in the same popular sizes as the rest of Root Industries' Invictus line, Afterburner handlebars are a comfortable fit for most riders - beginners to advanced - and very durable due to their specialized "HMA" (HI-H-alloy) design. module).

With such a unique colorway and functionality on the back, there's no better option than the new Root Industries Afterburner range!


Weight 1.9lbs (862g)
Handlebar height (bar) 24 inches (610mm)
Handlebar width (bar) 23 inches (580mm)
IHC ready out of the box
SCS compatible with bar adapter (according to SCS clamp)


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