Root Industries - Invictus Complete Matty Ceravolo Sig.

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Root Industries - Invictus Complete Matty Ceravolo Sig.

Root Industries - Invictus Complete Matty Ceravolo Sig.


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In Latin, the word 'Invictus' is defined as 'invincible' - which is exactly what the new Root Industries Invictus Scooter completes. A great balance of affordability and quality, the Invictus complete is a perfect fit for riders looking to progress quickly in the sport.

Although this is the most affordable complete scooter model in the Root Industries line, the ride quality offered by this scooter is normally reserved for more expensive complete scooters.

The main goal that Root Industries has set with its line of complete scooters is to give the rider a weapon that allows them to progress faster. The Invictus achieves this with its perfectly balanced deck, designed to maximize foot room while remaining compact. The ultra-wide AIR wheels add to the stability of the scooter, making progress much easier for the rider. Combine that with the unparalleled speed gained from Root Industries famous ABEC-11 bearings, the lightness of the HMA bars, and the whipping ability of the ultra-smooth frictionless headset, and you have a scooter that will help you progress if fast in sport... it's almost like cheating!

Root Industries has packed more features onto this complete scooter than most brands can even claim to have in their aftermarket arsenal, including:

Ultra-wide 30mm AIR wheels, fitted with Root Industries acclaimed ABEC-11 bearings, for incredible control and unparalleled speed.

Tray (deck):
Ample foot room, perfectly designed dropouts, flat sides and a hydroformed 82.5 degree head tube, give the Invictus deck an edge over almost any other deck.

Handlebars (bars):
The most incredible feature of the Invictus complete scooter is the introduction of the Hi-Modulus Alloy (HMA) handlebars. This bar is as light as aluminum, but almost 50% stronger. You'd expect to find this type of bar on a high-end custom scooter, but Root Industries has managed to include them in this entry-level set.

Like any Root Industries product, expect an exceptional amount of tightly calculated detail and quality.

Available in a number of eye-catching colors, the Invictus Complete will not only outperform your current whips, it will turn heads like no other complete in this price range.


Weight 7.94lbs (3600g)
deck length 19.7in (500mm)
deck width 4.8in (122mm)
Angle 82.5°
Handlebar height (bar)
24 inches (610mm)
Handlebar width (bar)
23 inches (584mm)
compression type HCI
Wheel diameter 110mm X 30mm
Wheels compatible up to 120mm
Bearings included Yes, ABEC-11
Type of clamp Double

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