S1 Lifer Helmet - Mast black helmet with black straps

Size: XS
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The S1 Lifer Helmet is one of the most suitable and safest helmets for scootering. The Lifer helmet uses a specially formulated EPS fusion foam that allows it to protect your head from multiple low force impacts as well as high intensity impacts. The Lifer helmet is a certified "multi-impact" helmet and is up to 5 times more protective than non-certified soft foam helmets. The Lifer Helmet is a revolutionary design that combines the increased safety of a CPSC and ASTM certified helmet with the comfort and fit of a non-certified helmet.

  • Specially formulated EPS fusion foam
  • Certified Multi-Impact (ASTM)
  • High Impact Certified (CPSC)
  • 5 times more protective than regular helmets
  • Deep fit design
  • Size Chart

    To ensure a perfect fit, measure the circumference of your head starting at the middle of your forehead and match it to the sizes below:

    XS 20.5 in (52.1 cm)
    S 21" (53.3cm)
    M 21.5 in (54.6 cm)
    I 22 in (55.8 cm)
    XL 22.5 in (57.1 cm)
    2XL 23 in (58.4 cm)
    3XL 23.5 in (59.4 cm)