Indo Trampoline Scooter 670


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Practice your tricks from home, in the garden, from the ground, a trampoline or on a ledge. You can really improve your tricks from home for the first time! Soft and safe patented platform that won't damage your trampoline and gives you the extra confidence to pull off your dream tricks.

The INDO 670 trampoline scooter is ideal for improving your big tricks, polishing your technique and perfecting your skills. Allowing you to throw it easily, practice no kick after no kick. That's because the INDO Trampoline Scooter is a tiny 950 grams.....that's less than 1 kilogram!

The INDO Stunt Scooter takes your trampoline play to a new level, whether you're riding a scooter or not!


Made for riders 150-170cm (4'11" to 5'7")
9 to 15 years old

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